How to Calculate FUTA Tax

For years through December 31, 2008, the FUTA imposes a 6.2% tax on the employer for the first $7,000 of gross earnings of each worker per year, with the rate changing to 6.0% for compensation paid during 2009 and later years. Once the worker’s earnings reach $7,000 during a given year, the employer no longer pays any Federal unemployment tax for that year with respect to that worker. Certain credits are allowed with respect to state unemployment taxes paid that may reduce the effective rate to 0.8%.

Calculation Example:

If you pay the full state unemployment tax, then your FUTA tax = Gross Salary * .08% – The maximum amount is $56 per employee.

$50,000 Salary = ($7,000)*(.8%) = $56.00

$5,000 Salary = ($5,000)*(.8%)=$40.00